Psaul Ogun Delegate Introduction


Name: Psaul Ogun | Bento Page
Delegate Address: 0x386566793F71cCc81288eE18B11b4E3B21927660
Forum: @Psaul
Discord: @psaul26ix
Twitter: @Psaul26ix


Hi everyone. My name is Psaul and I head the research department at a nascent crypto with some friends known as Anubis Labs.

I’ve been in crypto for at least 3 years, thoroughly catching the bug in late 2021 when my appetite for reading whitepapers and technical documentation increased. Since then I’ve taken an interest in tokenomics and token design which has led to me producing some content for the industry. All materials are available on my Bento page - linked above - while further content is constantly in ideation.

From involvement since DeFi Summer, I have seen several organisational models play out. As well as the impact of protocol design decisions made from the beginning and post-launch. To make a long story short, the decisions made by the Ajna team in finding an efficient system to deliver an immutable, truly permissionless lending platform with an oracle-free design are a few factors that greatly piqued my interest.

It was easy to see my excitement which resulted in me contacting David and Greg for a Twitter Spaces in collaboration hosted by Momentum 6 Labs. Feel free to listen here

As a crypto enthusiast and researcher looking to understand best practices for decentralised businesses, the opportunity to be involved in the Ajna community is one I could not pass up and would be honoured to fulfill. The combination of the founding teams’ experience with Maker and reflection of their core values through Ajna, excite me for the discussions that will transpire for how best to guide the protocol through grants.

Delegate Statement

Grants, commonly used by crypto-native teams, all perform to varying levels of success. As a delegate for Ajna, I will strive to fulfill my duty appropriately by providing thoughtful, comprehensive feedback when needed.

My time will focus on proposals that align with the qualities depicted by the protocol to maximise all attempts at ensuring sustainable success for the protocol.

Waiver of Liability

By delegating to me [Psaul] you acknowledge and agree that I participate on a best-efforts basis and will not be liable for any form of damages related to my participation in governance.


Welcome to the community Psaul! :grin:

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Thanks David! Looking forward to contributing :facepunch:

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Welcome onboard Psaul

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Welcome Paul! I’m on the design side but will be hanging in here too

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Quality ser, love whats being done on that front, just ask Draper lol :clinking_glasses::muscle:t5:

Hey everyone,

A lot has changed since my first forum post but what hasn’t changed is my commitment to fulfilling my duties as an Ajna finance Delegate.

Hence, I’d just like to provide a new email for contact below:

New Email:

I’m also active on discord and telegram if anyone would like to get in touch

I’m hopeful of a plethora of fruitful applications and discussions as Ajna v2 approaches. :call_me_hand:t5: