Arana Digital Delegate Platform

Key Info

Name: Arana Digital

Delegate Address: 0x0579A616689f7ed748dC07692A3F150D44b0CA09

Forum: @AranaDigital

Discord: @ubermar


External Website:

Voting Activity: Tally & Boardroom


We are a governance group composed of ex-Michigan Blockchain members. Our team is currently made up of five individuals, all of which are deeply steeped in the crypto space and have multiple years of participation in protocol governance. With delegation history for DEXs, money markets, L2s, liquid staking protocols, and stablecoins, we’re acclimated with a breadth of sectors. We bring a diversity of experience to DAOs–our members have consulted for companies like Immutable and dYdX, worked at crypto investment and trading firms, set up various validator nodes, and run educational events for university students.

Core Values

  • Diligence: We thoroughly investigate each proposal, engaging with other delegates and service providers to gather diverse perspectives and insights prior to making a decision.
  • Transparency: We openly sharing information about decisions and their rationales, providing clear and accessible updates, and ensuring that all processes are effectively to the community.
  • Innovation + Sustainability: We champion initiatives that will both allow the DAO and its underlying protocol to sustain its advantages, all the while continuously looking to iron out flaws and introduce efficiencies.

Delegate Statement

Ajna has been a pioneer in the DeFi lending space since its inception and Arana has been an active participant in the sector with past experiences as delegates for Aave and Compound among others. Ajna is set to disrupt these lending incombants with its permissionless isolated market creation that eliminates oracle dependence and enables the creation of markets for all assets. While the Ajna protocol will serve as a primitive for the future of DeFi, the role of Ajna governance is to ensure the long-term sustainability of the Ajna protocol and the DeFi ecosystem as a whole by assessing and promoting Grant Proposals that aim to improve Ajna’s adoption and address the needs of the project. As a delegate, Arana has extensive experience supporting grants programs from protocols like Arbitrum and Uniswap and we look forward to working with Ajna stakeholders to sustainably benefit the Ajna protocol.


  • Arana Digital has a sister company called Arana Ventures that invests in small cap public market assets–ownership of relevant assets will be disclosed if related to a particular vote or event
  • We are delegates for a handful of other DAOs–including Uniswap, Arbitrum, and Aave
  • Our team will report any proposal-specific conflicts of interest as they arise


By delegating to Arana Digital, you acknowledge and agree that Arana Digital participates on a best efforts basis and will not be liable for any form of damages related to its involvement in Aave governance.


Welcome to the Ajna Grants Program!

Curious to hear your ideas and feedback for how we can bolster Ajna’s growth and overall success.

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