Synthetix Ambassador's Delegate Introduction

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Name: Synthetix Ambassadors
Delegate Address: 0x46abFE1C972fCa43766d6aD70E1c1Df72F4Bb4d1
Forum: @mastermojo
Discord: @GUNBOATs_/ and @mastermojo
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The Synthetix Ambassador Council is comprised of five members who are signers on the snxambassadors.eth multi-sig and we over see governance for many ecosystem protocols. We are currently active Delegates for several DeFi projects and have experience in submitting and deploying governance proposals and staying up to date on broader governance matters. We also have access to resources with in the Synthetix DAO for purposes of protocol integrations. We are currently an Optimism top 100 Delegate, have a few members that are Optimism Badgeholders, and have two members (Matt and Mojo) that are helping with Optimism Grants.

Our current signers, who’s twitter handles can be found on @snxambassadors profile bio (, are made up of a combination of SNX Core Contributors and long time active Community members who are well versed in the operation of Synthetix and other DeFi/NFT projects.

We have a diverse set of skills that include Protocol/Governance analysis, user acquisition strategies, varying degrees of DeFi integrations, general marketing/communication skills and a wide range of other abilities in web3 and DeFi alike.

Ajna & Synthetix, what?

Synthetix, the oracle-based derivative protocol best known for Perps DEX and the oracleless borrowing protocol may well be in a completely different spectrum of DeFi. Yet how even this can complement each other. With 81* perps on OP Mainnet. Many of them having a healthy perps market on CEX yet having next to none borrowing venue onchain. Ajna changes that.

With Ajna, any ERC-20 token can be borrowed onchain. Arbitrage traders can take advantage of it by being delta-neutral without going to CEX to short the asset.

*83 markets, with ENJ and TRB perps disabled.


No conflict of interests currently; if this changes we will update


By delegating to Synthetix Ambassadors, you acknowledge and agree that Synthetix Ambassadors participates on a best efforts basis and Synthetix Ambassadors will not be liable for any form of damages related to Synthetix Ambassadors’ participation in governance.


Amazing to see you guys here!!! <3

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Hi there, gunboats here!

I am excited to see Ajna as primitive for all EVM chains. Let’s go!

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Thanks Katie! Glad to see familiar faces!

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Exciting to see the Ajna x Synthetix cross pollination. Lots of good legos to build.