Mom Delegate Intro

Key Info

Name: Mom
Delegate Address: 0x4569150e17198b69E97964351C8ad2548ec2B2B7
Twitter: @built_by_mom
External Website:


Hello. We’re Mom. A Mckinsey consultant might insist we describe ourselves as a full stack crypto studio, specializing in DeFi front end development and protocol marketing. But we prefer to describe ourselves a group of crypto native devs, builders and creatives who can’t imagine a more fulfilling work life than helping build out a new decentralized financial system (and maybe having some fun while doing it). Whilst we have the specialized skills of a studio, we work and operate like an internal team. Full commitment, full passion. Looks like someone just saved $100,000 in consulting fees, sorry consultants.

Mom partnered with Ajna in Jan 2022 to help build the Ajna brand through marketing and comms on X. Highlights included creating a CT hunger games over a Pudgy Penguin and making the world’s first song out of token names.

They say if you like it you should put a ring on it, and in August 2023 we deepened our commitment to Ajna by agreeing to take on the running of the Ajna front end.

Speaking of rings… Mom doesn’t just put out for anyone, in fact we have a rule to only work with partners who align with our mission of building a better value (and values) based internet.

We have been running Yearn Finance’s front end(s) and marketing for ~2 years and we see great opportunities for collaboration and aligment between the two protocols. For example Yearn’s recently deployed v3 protocol will have Ajna incentives for certain vaults.

Why Mom <3 Ajna

You know that meme of the clown putting on his makeup to go to work? Now imagine that same meme with the caption ‘working in DeFi’. That’s how it often feels in our industry.

Is it really DeFi if it’s a 3/5 multisig? Is it really DeFi if it depends on oracles? Is it really DeFi if governance can change the paramaters whenever it wants?

You’re here on the Ajna forum, so we can probably assume you’ll join us in a hearty “hell naw”.

We think Ajna has the potential to become a true DeFi base layer for users to engage with directly and for integrators and partners to build on top of.

Mom wants to help Ajna fulfil the vision of a singularily robust and immutable primative with a glowing ecosystem of builders and partners on top of.

We think with our deep expertise and thick filofax of partners, we are well positioned to help.

Grant us a second to talk about grants

Governance bad, grants gud. We believe the grants program is the right way to build a flourishing ecosystem around the Ajna protocol.

With no governance, it’s essential that delegates are positioned to deeply understand grant proposals on multiple fronts (technical, feasability, allignment, etc).

The Mckinsey consultant we fired a few paragraphs ago might now whip out a 70 slide deck covering the Mom team’s deep crypto technical chops and our history of cultural allignment with the Ethereum DeFi world.

We pledge to always persue due dilligence of proposals thoroughly, and engage with proposals in good faith from the position of wanting to see Ajna grow and suceed.

Insert here.


Mom plans to continue growing Ajna through the running of the front end and building the brand through socials and marketing. To this end Mom may submit grant applications which we will use our voting power to vote for when we believe it is in the best interests of the Ajna protocol.

We look forward to continuing to help Ajna grow.

Now… let’s get into that slide deck shall we?


By delegating to Mom, you acknowledge and agree that Mom participates on a best efforts basis and Mom will not be liable for any form of damages related to Mom’s participation in governance.


Love the humorous introduction :joy: Very well written :fire:

Very excited to have the @Mom team here as a delegate. As a front-end operator and Ajna marketer your perspective will be very valuable.


Thank you David! We couldn’t be more exited about the opportunity to continue to build on Ajna.


Disciplined mom
Passionate mom
Welcoming mom

Sounds like mine. :saluting_face: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
mom defi meme