MOM Grant Proposal

MOM Grant Proposal


Recieving Address: 0x4569150e17198b69E97964351C8ad2548ec2B2B7
AJNA Amount: 2,000,000

Applicant and Team Information

Applicant Name: MOM
About you and/or the team: Mom is a twelve person team of crypto natives helping build out DeFi ecosystems through front end development, building and shipping new dapps, and marketing.
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Project Information

What is it?

Hello Ajna community. We’re MOM. Awkward hug, fist bump.

Let’s be honest. We know you’re a busy delegate with memecoins to buy and generation wealth to fade. So we thought you might enjoy our grant proposal AS A VIDEO! ← WATCH ME.

But if you really love reading then no problem - let’s get into it.

MOM has been highly involved with the Ajna protocol since January 2023, when Ajna Labs LLC tasked us with running marketing and socials for the protocol.

We also operate the front end, and we recently built and launched v1 of which is an incentive platform and yield aggregator built on Ajna and is currently responsible for over 25% of the protocol TVL to date. Wagmi!

Our grant seeks to fund the following key areas:

  1. Fund our creative team to continue Ajna’s marketing and growing the Ajna brand on socials.
  2. Fund our development team to operate and improve, the most complete and feature rich Ajna front end.
  3. Build out as a more user friendly way to earn yield on Ajna, and as a permissionless incentives platform for projects to attract TVL to their Ajna pools.

That’s the top line view, let’s zoom in for a close up.

Marketing, Branding and Partnerships
This grant seeks to continue our work in operating the Ajna twitter account and creating crypto native content and marketing. Our goal is to continue to build the Ajna brand while continuing to work closely with integrators and partners (like SummerFi, Yearn, and more) on co-marketing efforts.

We’ve been seeing great responses to our marketing work to date, and this grant will fund our creative team to continue to push hard to dominate the timeline and raise awareness of Ajna (as a protocol) and the various front ends availble to users. We have long standing relationships with SummerFi, Yearn, and other integrators which allows us to co-market effectively.

AjnaFi Front End
While front ends like SummerFi, Yearn, and Juiced offer users a range of different ways to access the Ajna protocol, is the only front end that currently offers the ‘complete’ Ajna experience. AjnaFi will continue to be an in-depth and feature rich front end designed for anyone from the crypto curious to power users and whales.

AjnaFi is already live and operational, and this grant will fund the FE developers work on UI improvements, bug fixes and future integrations.

Ajna lets anyone spin up a market for almost any asset, but how can projects attract liquidity to these new DeFi markets? Enter Juiced, a (soon to be) permissionless incentives platform that lets anyone incentivize Ajna pools and attract liquidity. Yay.

Part of this grant will fund MOM for the development and ongoing operation of the Juiced front end (developed on top of smart contracts developed by the Dinobots team), partnerships, and marketing.

Due to demand from partners and integrators for Juiced, development is already underway (with a v1 live) as we pushed to bring something to market to meet this demand. Juiced can be split into three functions:

Juiced Vaults Yearn strategies that deposit into multiple Juiced Pools. UI is currently live (Yearn strategies running on top of Yearn incentivized Ajna pools) with over $8M TVL so far (over 25% of Ajna’s total TVL).

Juice Pools Where LPers can find incentivized Ajna pools to lend into. UI is currently live in a v1 state, offering users and protocols a way to find incentivized pools for them to deposit into and reap the rewards.

Juiced Incentives Where protocols that would like to incentivize lenders to deposit liquidity into their market can incentivize their pools with token rewards. UI is also currently live which lets anyone incentivize any Ajna pool with any token.

As a growth strategy for the platform MOM plans to offer incentive matching in AJNA tokens.

TLDR me brah
This grant will enable MOM to continue our work in marketing the Ajna protocol and running the Ajna twitter account, alongside continuing to develop as the ‘complete’ front end for the Ajna protocol. This grant will also fund the continued development of the full platform which is already helping Ajna grow its TVL.

MOM is also seeking new growth opportunities through synergistic partnerships, and we are currently in conversations with Polygon, Mode, ZkSync, Redacted, EtherFi, Stader, Stakewise, Renzo, Lido, and many more.

What problem is being solved, how?

As a (now) truly decentralized protocol, we believe marketing will be hugely important - not only to raise awareness and educate users about the protocol, but also as a tool to promote partnerships, ecosystem developments and integrations. MOM has been responsible for all Ajna marketing since the beginning of 2023 and our work (both with Ajna and Yearn) is often cited as industry leading. uWu. Maybe you’ve seen some of it?

We believe is a bedrock part of the Ajna ecosystem. While front ends like SummerFi and Yearn will give users multiple ways to interact with the protocol - will be the ‘complete’ Ajna protocol experience - an in-depth and feature rich front end for everyone from the crypto curious to power users.

Juiced seeks to help protocols attract lender liquidity to new markets. We see this as an important part of Ajna’s growth strategy by helping users find attractive yield opportunities and helping protocols attract liquidity.

With 10 launch partners and many more to come, we are seeing strong demand for a liquidity incentive platform for Ajna pools and we hope Juiced can deliver this.

MOM’s experience in helping build Yearn’s front end(s) alongside our ability to market and raise awareness for the platform puts us in a great position to build this for Ajna. With 10 launch partners already in place and many more in the pipeline - we are seeing strong demand for Juiced. We are focused on building a front end which will enable easy and straightforward access for partners, protocols and users.

How will this project be a source of growth or success for Ajna?

We will consider Juiced a success if it brings in TVL by helping protocols attract liquidity for their markets via incentives, bringing more users and depositors to Ajna.

Operating, maintainance and development of the front end seeks to help Ajna suceed by providing the ‘full’ protocol experience for users and partners. We intend to improve UX and UI elements where appropriate and engage with users to fix and resolve bugs and common issues.

What good are all these developments going on within the Ajna ecosystem if no one hears about them? We are pushing hard on marketing and brand building to continue to raise awareness of the Ajna protocol alongside shining a light on relevant partnerships and integrations. We are also always on the lookout for community deployments that we can add to

What is/are the deliverable(s)?

  • A front end with great UX for the Juiced incentive platform.
  • Continued development and maintainance of the front end.
  • Marketing, brand building, and co-marketing efforts for the Ajna protocol.

What is the timeline for completing the deliverables?

Some parts of Juiced are already live and earning TVL, but we expecte the full and complete Juiced platform’s timeline is anticipated to be Q3 based on early discussions with the Dinobots team.

As for AjnaFi and marketing - we see these as ongoing efforts without a fixed end date. Part of Mom’s desire to be a comitted Ajna ecosystem builder for the long term.

What level of support do you anticipate needing through the duration of the project?

This grant is intended to cover everything we need to deliver on the above plan. Including front end developer support, UI designers, marketing budgets, and biz dev.

How often will progress reports be published to the forum?

We will aim for monthly updates.

What are the estimated costs associated with the full completion of this project?

We are seeking 2,000,000 AJNA to cover the scope of work listed in this proposal.

If applicable, How will the project be maintained after completion of the grant?

Mom intends to be a long term partner and builder on the Ajna protocol.

Additional Information

How will you handle a delay in your project timeline?

We don’t see these as projects with end dates, but more as projects which, once development is over, we will continue to maintain and improve forever

How will you handle a scenario where the project can’t be completed due to insufficient funding or other factors?

In the highly unlikely chance that the project cannot be completed due to insufficient funding - Mom would fund the rest of development ourselves and share the situation in the next grant epoch.

How will you handle a scenario where the project is completed, but significantly under-budget?

As a sign of our commitment to Ajna and in sync with our desire to be a comitted ecosystem partner for the long term - we have priced our request competitively with the intention to self fund any defecit ourselves. Therefore (transparently) we are not expecting any scenario where the scope of work above would come in under-budget.


We believe that MOM has contributed greatly to Ajna ecosystem already and believe that the community should recognize the contribution they made so far

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Thanks Doo! We’ve been totally nerdsniped by Ajna and we feel like we’re just getting started < 3

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How fast can you fix this typo on the grants page?

:wink: :handshake:

Other than that, awesome submission. Happy to see y’all keeping momentum.


Excellent grant proposal and video!

I had a hard time coming up with constructive criticism for this proposal. The price is fair, the offering is solid, the team is top notch.

I fully support this request, I think the MOM team is a key partner in generating long term success for the Ajna Protocol.

Edit: I am curious about the timeline/cost point that @snew brings up below, I totally missed that!


In support for the proposal

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Love the proposal MOM team, and the work you have been doing so far :muscle:

I know that no end dates were specified in the proposal but are you able to provide any indication of how long the grant would allow you to continue marketing and AjnaFi maintenance work?

All being well, when would you expect to request further grant funding for these activities?


How fast can you say pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis' mom? :wink:

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Thanks for the overwhelming support everyone!

@Snew great question.

Our proposal has two main parts to it:

  1. Continue building as the most fully featured protocol UI, and continue creating marketing/ running socials to help Ajna grow.
  2. Build and ship the Juiced front end.

Part one is very much ongoing work that we expect to be a recurring request where [insert trade deal .png] we ask to be paid after doing the work.

As for the second part, we are building Juiced to bootstrap more liquidity and TVL for Ajna, but we hope to build it into a self sustaining protocol that helps users interact with Ajna in simpler ways. So this is something that we may no longer request a grant for in the future.

Hope that answered your questions but please don’t hesitate to ask us any more!

Thanks David! We’ve loved working you too!

Please check our response to @Snew below, and let us know if you have any further questions!

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Thanks for the support ser!

  • Marketing
    @ajnafi on X formerly Twitter has been nothing but banger, please continue this.
    As de-facto interface, having access to this is important although it need a lot of improvement (functionality like leverage and move bucket, UI on picking price, token list)
  • Juiced
    This is the most important one, this is the first problem on Ajna is you can’t borrow if there is no liquidity in the first place.

From recent meeting with Prototech, could you consider merging grants with Dinobots and distribute to pre-defined split smart contract? Prototech has developed this for use on their own but it could be adapted here.


As currently, we can’t see which delegates voted for what proposal, it would be great if this feature can be supported in the future. Also, except for ENS, delegates are just shown as address number, and would be good to be able to see who they are.


Sharing our update (which we recently shared in discord) here too:

We’re seeing a lot of different chains and projects interested in Ajna and are always doing what we can to get Ajna on more l2s and integrated with more projects.

  • Integrated Blast, Gnosis, Filecoin, Base.
  • Added WETH wrapping widget for all available chains.
  • Improved Grants UI with current/future/ past stages sections.
  • Improved voting UX for large numbers.
  • Various bug fixes, and sdk/ subgraph improvements.
  • Migrated from ethers.js and web3-onboard to wagmi and Rainbow wallet.
  • Migrated grants to Next.js
  • Migrating ajnafi to Next.js (80% complete)

Juiced front end

  • Designed and implemented new table view for better searching through Vaults.
  • Improved deposit UI.
  • Deployed to Gnosis chain with EURe Vault
  • Working closely with dinobots team on ongoing product roadmap.
  • Expecting to deploy Juiced to further chains soon included Mode and Base.

Ajna Marketing

  • 12 films created and shipped
  • Dozens of meme posts
  • Daily tweets
  • Comarketing with various projects and integrators.
  • We are seeing high engagment levels on the twitter account (but slow growth).

Coming soon

  • Building a token launchpad on Ajna (which will launch on Polygon).
  • Helping Dino team with a [secret] project that leverages Ajna in a unique and compelling way.
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