Dinobots Grant Proposal

Dinobots Grant Proposal Draft


Recieving Address: eth:0x2C01B4AD51a67E2d8F02208F54dF9aC4c0B778B6
AJNA Amount: 500_000

Applicant and Team Information

Applicant Name: Dinobots
Email: Don’t have one
About you and/or the team: Dinobots is a two person team
Additional Links: Don’t have one

Project Information

What is it?

This grant proposal will fund the smart contract development for the Juiced protocol, working closely with the MOM team who will be building the front end(s), and leading marketing/ partnerships.

What is Juiced Pools? Juiced Pools is an incentive platform for Ajna, allowing protocols to permissionlessly offer incentives to attract lender’s liquidity on Ajna pairs using automated bucket management.

What problem is being solved, how?

Incentivizing liquidity is essential to bring LPs to new pools and new assets (which is where Ajna excels). We believe a robust, permissionless incentive platform can help Ajna’s unique benefits shine - in permissionless market creation, especially when it comes to long tail or more exotic assets like NFTs.

We are already seeing a large amount of interest from other teams and potential partners for this kind of incentive platform.

About us:
Dinobots are experienced DeFi builders, having spent many years contributing to Yearn on yield strategies as well as building and operating SeaSolver (a Cowswap solver).

How will this project be a source of growth or success for Ajna? Please include a step-by-step summary of how you imagine the completed project will affect Ajna.

As mentioned in the previous section, we think incentivizing liquidity is more than a ‘nice to have’ but an essential part of a flourishing Ajna ecosystem where liquidity providers are incentivized to lend on the protocol.

By partnering with MOM on front end and marketing - we think Juiced Pools has great growth potential. By building Juiced Pools as part of the ‘Juiced’ parent brand, we also unlock opportunities to develop Juiced Vaults as easy to deposit into strategies that deposit into multiple Juiced Pools.

What is/are the deliverable(s)?

We will deliver all smart contracts needed for the Juiced Pools protocol. We will work closely with MOM on implementation as they build the front end. We expect to continue maintenance and improvement of Juiced Pools over time and will remain committed for the long term.

What is the timeline for completing the deliverables?

The MVP is ready to launch, if not already launched when this is published. The improvements to smart contracts are going to be rolled out slowly to ensure that all the mechanisms work as expected and to also adjust to user feedback.

The Juiced incentive platform’s timeline is anticipated to be Q3 for the full featured product.

What level of support do you anticipate needing through the duration of the project?

The spec for Juiced Pools has been discussed thoroughly with Ajna developers to gain input and feedback, and we have an open line of communication there for any questions we might have during the development of Juiced Pools.

In terms of front end, marketing and biz dev support - as mentioned we will be collaborating very closely with the MOM team (who we have a long standing relationship with).

How often will progress reports be published to the forum?

We will aim for monthly updates.

What are the estimated costs associated with the full completion of this project?

We are seeking 500K AJNA to cover the scope of work listed in this proposal.

If applicable, How will the project be maintained after completion of the grant?

We intend to maintain and improve the Juiced Pools protocol and be a long term ecosystem partner.

Additional Information

How will you handle a delay in your project timeline?

Whilst we don’t expect any delays, should they occur - they will be communicated in a timely manner.

How will you handle a scenario where the project can’t be completed due to insufficient funding or other factors?

We are very well positioned to cover any unforeseen cost and, if relevant, ask for that funding during the next round of grants.

How will you handle a scenario where the project is completed, but significantly under-budget?

We have tried to price this budget accurately and fairly to the amount of development time we expect the protocol to take.


I’m glad to see the development of an easy to use platform that will help certain users(protocols, projects, DAOs, whales) solve the chicken and egg problem that many Ajna pools have.

I want to borrow, but no lenders
I want to lend, but no borrowers

I support the juiced vision and will support this grant with my vote and my BD efforts. Let’s get Ajna to be one of the most cross-incentivized protocols in DeFi!

I see this feature-addition to the protocol, one level up the stack, as a key tool for users to get what they want while also bringing usage to the Ajna Protocol. Huge respect to the Juiced team!



Are Juiced Pools going to charge a fee to depositors or incentive providers? Curious to understand whether this setup is profit seeking or not.

I am also curious to explore the differences/synergies between Dinobots and the new multi rewards manager contract built by Ian Harvey. I wonder if it could be utilized by Juiced, or whether the functionality is present in something the Juiced team already built.