Tyler Lange Delegate Introduction

Key Info

Name: Tyler Lange
Delegate Address: 0x6d1ee3d996198DD2092C66E5bd3ae3Bb5d3b466A
Forum: @neos
Email: neosmedia@gmail.com
Discord: neos88


As the Principal Product Designer at Ajna Labs I understand the UX, product features and use cases well. Working with the Ajna Founders for the past year has been great and I’d like to stay committed to the protocol’s success as a delegate. My votes will always consider user experience, security and core principles.

Before joining Ajna I worked as a designer in GameFi at Enjin and DeFi at Ankr staking. I got into crypto through Bitcoin mining in 2018 and NFT design before the winter. I’ve got 20 years experience in UX and a background in visual design and new media.

My Ajna email will stop working soon but you can reach me on discord @neos88

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Innovation

Keep the mission centered around Product-led-growth by focusing on promoting effective UX, Governance and sound Financial practices. I have been championing design at Ajna Labs and hope to create a centre of excellence in design as the protocol matures past the bear market.

Delegate Statement

It’s exciting to be part of a team / community focused on simplicity while the protocol itself is complicated and robust with features and mechanisms behind-the-scenes. Ajna grants is a return to the roots of some work at the Maker Foundation. Epic things to come!


In the spirit of transparency and integrity, I acknowledge the potential for conflicts of interest. Should any conflicts arise, I will exercise due diligence and either abstain from voting or provide a clear rationale behind any decisions with a primary goal to seek mutually beneficial outcomes and contribute to the composability that DeFi prides itself on.

  • I will share any conflicts or concerns


By delegating to Tyler Lange, you acknowledge and agree that he participates on a best efforts basis and Tyler Lange will not be liable for any form of damages related to participation in governance.


nice. :wink:

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I’m excited you’re here @neos. Having your input on product-related grant proposals will be especially valuable.

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