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Name: Lucianken |

Delegate Address: 0x2DDfE73dA1fD3567b936c83D8F3198fe785174b1

Forum: @Lucianken

Discord: @ Lucianken



Hello my name is Lucianken, and I’ll be representing in Ajna Protocol. I am an experienced crypto enthusiast since 2020 with many years of insurance work previous to delving into the blockchain space. As an avid reader with a background in Analytical Philosophy and Economics I had the chance to know and read an early version of the Ajna Whitepaper which I found to be one of the most innovative developments in DeFi. Since the start of (previously as an independent company, I’ve worked to grow the app as part of the product team with a focus in DeFi integrations.

As one of the most popular DeFi apps, (previously has been growing to become the most trusted place to deploy capital into DeFi. With this experience under the belt, the team has been hard at work integrating a novel protocol such as Ajna. To offer the best in class UX for protocol users and help develop the vision of a DeFi protocol that takes the approach of full decentralization from day zero as a core value proposition.

As an early integrator of Ajna, we, in (previously, have seen the idea of Ajna as a worthy challenge to what’s possible to do in the DeFi lending space and aim to see the protocol grow. We are aligned with Ajna vision and aim to vote for the growth of Ajna with responsibility, diligence and integrity.

The grants program

The grants program is an excellent opportunity for enabling proposals that make the protocol grow.

First, Ajna’s decentralization model reduces the risks of governance failures to auxiliary elements of the protocol. But this doesn’t reduce the responsibility of voting for grants to reliable parties that will effectively work towards the protocol. Ajna’s lack of governance means that delegates must vote with a deep due diligence: because of this, I’ll engage with proposals that are doable, reasonable and committed to Ajna.

Secondly, I understand the importance of innovation in the evolving DeFi sector. Ajna’s approach to lending requires sustainable work outside the core protocol released by the team. These ideals are the ones we need to support to stay ahead and guarantee the success of the protocol. The grants program allows us to fund these forward-thinking developments, and weight will be given to these initiatives.

Finally, I will also take deep consideration to ideas from (previously and Ajna communities, the commitment to hearing these communities is a core value in crypto and grants that make these communities be part of the process will inevitable lead to expanded reach of the protocol.


As explained before, the grants program requires being responsible to the whole life cycle of proposals, integrity to vote educated with respect to the vote being held, diligence to safely vote for the best possible outcome for the protocol and respect for the multiple views that will arise when deciding for competing ideas. To best represent not only (previously but all Ajna holders that wish to delegate, I am fully committed to maintaining these values.

Disclosures (previously from time to time, may also submit grant applications for development of certain features which we will use our voting power to vote for if and when we believe it is in the best interest of the Ajna Protocol.

I hope to constructively work with you all.



Looking forward to the discussions Lucian! :love_you_gesture:t5:

Looking forward to discussing UX improvements and identify pain points. I was the principal Product Designer at Ajna Labs. Here to help and collaborate :gem: as we get more users will gain insight