Chris Blec checking in 👋

Greetings Ajna frens,

When I heard “no oracles” & “no governance”, I had to make a beeline over to Ajna to join the community.

I am an advocate and activist for immutability, incorruptibility and trust-minimization in the DeFi ecosystem. I first became known in this space as an educator, creating content that onboarded thousands of people into DeFi in 2019-2020. After discovering that many DeFi projects were misrepresenting their level of decentralization about 3 years ago, I decided to re-focus my efforts on making sure that retail users knew exactly what they were using and what risks were associated.

Since then I’ve been focused on researching the DeFi protocols that I’m most interested in as a user, and translating their risks into straightforward, non-technical language. I’ve hosted podcasts, created videos, run Twitter Spaces, and most recently launched a website called Blec Report.

I’ve been an outspoken critic (maybe sometimes too outspoken :sweat_smile:) about the centralization & corruption problems with today’s most popular oracle providers (i.e. Chainlink) as well as the centralization & corruption problems with today’s most active DAOs (i.e. Maker). I also served as a Maker delegate from 2022 until just a few weeks ago in an attempt to stop its continuing trend toward centralization.

I was very excited to hear about Ajna’s commitment to launching a new lending protocol that eliminates these 2 problems by harnessing the amazing power of immutability. I’m pumped about the opportunity to serve as a delegate and help foster and grow the grant program. I’d really like to do whatever I can to help this project succeed and spawn more trust-minimized projects in its wake.

Let’s go!
Chris Blec


My delegate address is:

Can’t wait for Ajna v2!

As tokens get distributed, delegate to me - Chris Blec - if you want someone with strong principles. proven values, and an unshakeable commitment to decentralization and trustlessness to vote on your behalf.

I’m active in Discord (DMs are on), in this forum and on Twitter (DMs are also on).

Let’s gooooo!