Hello From Katie!

Hi Everyone! My journey into the world of defi began in 2018 when I was hired at the Maker Foundation. In my role as Operations Manager I saw the organization grow from 30 people to over 100, then eventually to 0 with the dissolution of the Foundation and achieving complete decentralization of the protocol.

After the dissolution of the Maker Foundation in 2021, I have been with a firm called udhc.finance where our goal is to bring defi to mainstream by bridging the gap between tradfi and defi.

I also joined the Optimism Collective as a delegate and was head of the first Defi Committee and most recently one of 5 reviewers on the Growth Committee Grants Council.

My personal life consists of going to the beach, skiing, running, spending time with family, being a new mom to identical twin boys and hanging with my dog - Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Throughout my years in defi, I have had the opportunity to work with the most talented, intelligent and also fun! people in the space. I know the Founders and most of the team at Ajna from my time at Maker and am thrilled to be able to participate in this project!!


If anyone is looking for a delegate, I would love to be yours! I have a 100% voting rate as a top Optimism delegate, I am a badgeholder and have been on every season of the Grants Council so I have extensive experience as with grant distribution. Looking forward to getting started!


My delegate address is: 0x75536CF4f01c2bFa528F5c74DdC1232Db3aF3Ee5

Aka katiegarcia.eth