Official Ajna brand usage, labels, and permissions

Why and how do certain users get this leadership permission to run discord, this forum, domains, twitter, etc? Why are certain actors promoted on socials and others ignored?

It seems mom is a third party and controls the and forum domain. Are we able to use the official name like this?

What makes those official and another Ajna finance twitter account not official?

Ajna Labs LLC gave 3rd party partners the access to do this. They handed off the twitter to MOM and myself. Since the members of the MOM team did marketing previously under contract, and were expected to contuinue doing marketing under a grant, they were given continuity of access to these platforms.

If a team were to have a proposal pass that included twitter access in the terms, I would add them to the account. So I act as an arbiter for account access.

They handed off the forum, discord, discourse, github, and gitbook accounts to me, since the expectation was that I would propose a grant to keep these paid for and running. I also publicly committed to handing them off in the case of a rejected funding request.

Can you be more specific? Who is being ignored?
I’ve personally not noticed any unfair bias in what gets promoted on socials. In fact the MOM team are very open to cross-marketing and promotion requests. I have not seen them turn any down.

Generally speaking, if you could get an official sounding name for something Ajna related noone will care. If you get an official sounding name for a scam or phishing site then the Ajna Foundation, which guards the IP, will go after you. It all depends on the use of the IP and brand assets.

I should prob set up a section in the FAQs to address this.

In my mind, official means that there is some legitimate authority behind the site or service.

Since Ajna is a permissionless protocol, any site that runs a front end for Ajna or a service on top of Ajna is considered “official” in the sense that they represent themselves–a third party–building something on top of an open source technology. They are not Ajna official, they are themselves official.

For media, socials, community platforms; official may be perceived as access to legacy accounts once run by Ajna Labs LLC. That access is determined by the details of the proposals here at the Grants Program. Nothing is stopping anyone from creating a secondary Ajna twitter. This would only become problematic if the account was being used in a way that violated the IP terms of use.

I see, so there were prior contracts between parties. Such as you having the Business Development Role at Ajna Finance and Mom working on/ running the domain and front end.

This results in these parties getting grant funding for the foreseeable future. They were but are no longer are paid by the core project. This is unclear.

It certainly seems that there is an inner circle of retweeting and an intersection of promotion of certain proposals on the forum. Call it a family of projects or users with a history of working together.

We developed an UI that allows anyone to deploy a white-label UI to permissionlessly deploy their own lending market, but we decided to not propose it noting our tweets, discord comments, and even our proposal that expands reach to more developers, plus gives l2 use case for ajna never received a response comment.

Yes, the proposal is new, but we have been interacting for 40 days and we couldn’t get a question answered in discord.

We deleted all messages now, as it seems that voting is complete by the few that can pass a proposal. As delegates, they should speak to or on behalf of the community they represent, meaning commenting on all proposals rather than the 3 friends they vote or vouch for.

I regress and still plan to put our zero-interaction proposal on chain for the record showing that we offered to 3x the developer impact each grant round with perpetual self funding, but the votes went to pretoken release handshake deals only.

Nobody is currently being paid.

sounds pretty awesome, can you link me to more info?

Didnt personally see your tweets, otherwise might have paid more attention. Saw your microgrant function proposal, planning to post a response soon, been giving it some thought. It was only posted 3 days ago, and one of those days was a weekend.

Uh, really? Where? What’s your discord handle? I’m surprised by this since I am reading the discord and answering as much as I can all the time :astonished:

Weird attitude imo. Voting hasn’t completed–the screening stage ends in a couple days and there are future grant cycles so not really getting the logic of deleting and losing hope. If your idea has a good value case then I want to learn about it and maybe we find it in a few months vs right now.

Agree, I am pushing for delegates to be more active in the feedback process before voting begins and am pushing mysellf to do the same.

Lol you are so dramatic. Go for it man, but you literally put the proposal up like 3 days ago…I think you are trying too hard to push some insider narrative. Personally I vote on a few important criteria. 1. The thing and its plan for bringing Ajna success, 2. The cost and how it fits into the grant cycle in terms of priority. 3. The team, its competence, its legitimacy, its track record.

On 3; sometimes “insiders” get the contracts because they’ve proven themselves. They are less of a risk. They are people we might have worked with in the past. It’s called a professional network. If you’re new to the network, no, work engagement won’t come as easily to you unless you can prove yourself via references, public work, public reputation, or other,

Your preoccupation with insiders vs outsiders is misguided and frankly wrong. Forget who knows who. Judge a proposal based on its own merit and the merit of the team/individuals behind it.

I am judging you to be really immature for how you are handling your attempt at proposing valuable projects.

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