Delegates Code of Conduct

Delegates Code of Conduct

This is an unbinding recommended code of conduct for delegates.

Good Faith

Delegates should act at all times with honesty, integrity, and transparency.

Best Interest

Delegates should operate and vote in what they believe are the best interests of the Ajna Protocol.

Due Care and Attention

Delegates should make a professional and unbiased review of each proposal prior to the submission of their vote.


Delegates should ensure that they communicate the rationale behind each of their votes in a clear and accessible way.

Professional Knowledge

Delegates should communicate about their own level of competence and knowledge of various domains. Opinions of experienced experts matter more than inexperienced well-meaning professionals.

Conflicts of Interest

Delegates should avoid conflicts of interest where possible and mitigate their impact where not possible. Delegates should disclose in writing any conflicts and publicize any offer of external compensation related to delegation or the Ajna Protocol.


Delegates should —within reason— be accessible to the community to answer questions, respond to comments, and discuss issues.

End of Delegation

Delegates should communicate their intention to stop being a delegate at least one month in advance. This will give AJNA holders time to move their tokens to another delegate.

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