TechOps Services Grant proposal: Blockchain keeper, custom monitoring solution and more

TechOps Services Grant proposal: Blockchain keeper, custom monitoring solution and more


Recieving Address: 0x94834032A500D456Ccc852717105F274C31a864A
AJNA Amount: 450,000 (might get changed due to market fluctuation)

Applicant and Team Information

Applicant Name: TechOps Services

TechOps Services is a company providing infrastructure and IT support services with 24/7 schedule to Web3 companies, as well as working on multiple blockchain-related projects.

Our main areas of activity are:

  • End-to-end DevOps - creating and maintaining infrastructure, working on CI/CD processes, improving deployment and built processes, as well as optimizing DevOps part of the applications.
  • Software development - developing complex software components such as Blockchain Keepers with rich UI, API and monitoring components.
  • Technical support - providing 24/7 monitoring and technical support services.
  • Systems monitoring - Setting up and managing tools for real-time performance monitoring and detection systems that trigger automated alerts and action responses.
  • Blockchain nodes administration - Deployment, management and monitoring of any blockchain nodes and its validators.
  • Infrastructure Design - Written in code, continuously improved and deployed, peer reviewed, reliable configuration tailored to your needs.

We’re operating for almost 3 years now and have been working on projects like MakerDAO, Summer fi, Token Flow, Spark, and others.

More details can be found on the:

Project Information

1. Scope of work

Build a scalable blockchain keepers monitoring system for Ajna that performs certain predefined actions. Build an alerting and notification systems.

As the first part of the monitoring system, implement instant, most optimized by gas usage and transparent keeper that updates interest rates on top 15 of existing Ethereum mainnet pools ranked by TVL.

All interest rate keeper’s activities would be visible on the dedicated public webpage together with the information of the gas usage and all changed parameters.

To make the system data accessible, there will also be a way to subscribe to interest rate keeper events and be able to receive JSON structure notifications, giving a way for other developers to use keeper’s information for any purposes, like building different UI or integrations.

In case (and whenever) there will be a problem with the keeper, TechOps team which operates 24x7 will receive alerts and be notified instantly about any kind of troubles.

2. What problem is being solved, how?

Building an automated way where rates are updated by a bot rather than human. Preferable for any market condition and accelerates Ajna growth since there will be no people involved and no breaks where rates are outdated on most used pools and don’t allow having more collateral put into the system.

3. How will this project be a source of growth or success for Ajna?

Having a keeper that updates interest rates will make it possible for protocol to grow faster following market conditions. Users will be able to deposit more funds as well as use the protocol in the most efficient way when interest rates are updated automatically and do not require human interaction.

4. What is/are the objective(s)?

Objective 1

  • Build a scalable solution that will allow setting up more keepers in the future.

Result 1

  • TechOps will start building a scalable solution that will be a base ground for Ajna Keepers system. It will allow adding new keepers and monitoring with low effort and less time.

Objective 2

  • Build a keeper that updates interest rates on top 15 Ethereum mainnet pools and runs permissionless.

Result 2

  • A piece of software that runs in the cloud AWS account.
  • Public repository with the code for the keeper that anyone can contribute to.

Objective 3

  • Creating a public webpage which lists historical keeper’s work

Result 3

  • A public webpage showing Keeper’s work - list of transactions, executed jobs and other details. Transactions are linked to Etherscan or other blockchain explorer service.

Objective 4

  • Creating custom subscription system for keeper notifications

Result 4

  • A way for users to provide their webhook and subscribe to notifications sent by Interest Rate Keeper. Some restrictions will be in place in order to not misuse it.

5. What is/are the deliverable(s)?

Deliverable 1 - Building a scalable Keeper system.

Deliverable 2 - Running Interest Rate Keeper updating interest rates on top 15 Ethereum pools.

Deliverable 3 - Public webpage listing keeper’s work, including changes done by keeper, times, and other additional information.

Deliverable 4 - Ability for anyone to subscribe to keeper notifications.

6. What is the timeline for completing the deliverables?

Estimated timeline for deliverables is:

  • Deliverable 1 - two weeks;
  • Deliverable 2 - four weeks;
  • Deliverable 3 - three weeks;
  • Deliverable 4 - one week.

Total estimate is ten weeks. Each deliverable (1 and 2 might be combined together, as they are dependant on each other) is going to be released and communicated to Ajna Community upon completion.

7. What level of support do you anticipate needing through the duration of the project?

In case notification system is deemed to be usefull, TechOps will need higher permissions to access Ajna Discord server, specifically being able to create two new channels for notifications, one of them will be used for testing purposes and the other one will be used for production notifications. We’ll need access to configure webhooks, and potentially be able to add TechOps bot to the server and above two channels.

8. How often will progress reports be published to the forum?

Upon completion of every objective, deliverables will be described on forum in dedicated threads.

9. What are the estimated costs associated with the full completion of this project?

Project costs include costs needed to develop a solution, pay for the tools that will be used to run it, as well as 12 months of hosting and maintenance needs.

  • AWS estimated costs - 300 USD/month
  • Gas estimated costs - 1,000 USD/month (split between 15 pools)

10. If applicable, How will the project be maintained after completion of the grant?

Grant will support running the keeper for 12 months, as well as running the webpage for 12 months.
Running the keeper will require gas costs that are included in the grant request, but due to market conditions (if that will be the case), these costs, mainly gas costs, might be higher or lower. That has to be considered when approving the grant.

Additional Information

11. How will you handle a delay in your project timeline?

Potential delays or changes to the initial implementation proposal will be instantly communicated on forum.

12. How will you handle a scenario where the project can’t be completed due to insufficient funding or other factors?

All public code will be left public giving anyone the ability to fork and continue working on it.

13. How will you handle a scenario where the project is completed, but significantly under-budget?

It is assumed that the budget may be higher than expected only due to higher gas prices required to run the keeper (see item 10).

Feedback from @Delegates is welcome. Thank you!


To clarify, is this application for the current round or the next round?

Hi @Doo_StableLab , it’s for the current round. Will submit on-chain proposal shortly.

Good Luck, the only grants getting funded have business relationships before the token was launched.

oh you are connected

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Proposal has now been submitted on-chain. Appreciate people voting.

Any questions are still welcome and happy to answer here.

It’s reasonable ask, but although it is pretty much done with Gelato keeper here.
You can even limit gas price on that too.
On interest rate history if you don’t mind Dune it’s basically just this query.
I think people might interested in webhook with reserve auction and estimated time to bid though.