Grant Proposal Title

Hello, my name is [insert name], and I am here representing [myself / a team]. Below you will find our draft grant proposal.

Grant Proposal Title


Receiving Address: 0x07Bb4fCc27053BFB33CFA1b4A0B56a11e06e7e11
AJNA Amount: 1

Applicant and Team Information

Applicant Name: PhiMarHal
About you and/or the team: I am PhiMarHal.
Additional Links:

Project Information

  1. What is it?

The goal of [project name] is to correct a tragic mistake that has plagued Ajna for far too long.

  1. What problem is being solved, how?

The Grant Proposal Template, both in Grant Proposal Template and in the pre-filled text for topic creation here, misspells “receiving” as “recieving” in “receiving address”.

  1. How will this project be a source of growth or success for Ajna? Please include a step-by-step summary of how you imagine the completed project will affect Ajna.

Proper spelling gives a polished, professional look that will immediately attract billions of dollars of liquidity from institutional investors.

Step 1: give Phi 1 AJNA token
Step 2: fix the mistake
Step 3: BlackRock, Vanguard and Fidelity all buy in
Step 4: we’re rich, friendos

  1. What is/are the objective(s)?

The objective is for me to get 1 AJNA token. Errr, I mean, the objective is to make sure Ajna is in tiptop shape.

  1. What is/are the deliverable(s)?

Pointing out the spelling mistake. You may notice I have already delivered on this deliverable before the grant is even posted. That’s how deliverabilicious I am.

  1. What is the timeline for completing the deliverables?

Instant delivery. See above.

  1. What level of support do you anticipate needing through the duration of the project?

I would need someone with moderator powers to edit the mistake, and also to send me 1 AJNA token, provided he or she has 1 AJNA token. If he or she lacks 1 AJNA token, ideally he or she could find someone with 1 AJNA token who could send it to me.

  1. How often will progress reports be published to the forum?

I will post as much as you want, bb.

  1. What are the estimated costs associated with the full completion of this project?

1 AJNA token.

  1. If applicable, How will the project be maintained after completion of the grant?

I will pop in every now and then when I notice other spelling mistakes. For example, “How” shouldn’t be capitalized in this sentence.

Additional Information

  1. How will you handle a delay in your project timeline?

I will cry myself to sleep. As procrastination continues, I will start avoiding calls and dodging texts, until I ghost the project in shame altogether. Let us pray for no delay.

  1. How will you handle a scenario where the project can’t be completed due to insufficient funding or other factors?

I’ve got a gun and I’m not afraid to use it. If the project can’t be completed, Justin Sun gets it.

It’s actually one of these toy guns that shoot plastic thingies, but it can hurt pretty bad regardless.

  1. How will you handle a scenario where the project is completed, but significantly under-budget?

I think the only fair course of action here would be to keep all the money for myself.


Approving this grant is the first step towards starting the heralded golden bull run, in which Ajna rises on top of all DeFi protocols, overtakes TradFi, and establishes a new age of abundance and harmony on Earth.

I hope you give my modest proposal the consideration it deserves, community.

Ta-ta, and VIVA AJNA

hahaha! This made my day. I owe you 1 AJNA

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